Kinksters Experienced And New

 Whether you are new to the idea of being kinky or have many years of kink experience, we invite you to join us and of like-minded and/or curious

Our goal is to create interesting kink spaces, to learn, and meet new and experienced people within the local public Edmonton and area kink scene.  We are working to create safe(r), inclusive, and supportive spaces. By teaming up with other groups that align with our goals, we aim to promote growth and understanding within our local public kink scene.  

We also want your input, feedback, and suggestions.

Please feel free to message us.

We hope to see you out at a K-E-A-N hosted event soon!

Our Story

 We started K-E-A-N in September of 2019 after a few of our friends encouraged and provided their support for us to expand on the idea. At that time, we had been in the local public kink Edmonton scene for almost two years. We are a male and female switch couple who has been together for about nine years.


Why did we start K-E-A-N? The answer is simple yet complicated. So here’s our shot at trying to explain it. Our local public kink Edmonton scene suffered from a few things at the time: not enough safe public spaces, people come and go, sometimes it appears like there are only elders or newbies playing in the local public kink scene, etc. We wanted to try to do what we actively can to remove these hindrances. We wanted the opportunity to meet with the kinksters of all levels and create spaces that are safe for all . We want everyone to feel welcome at a K-E-A-N hosted event.


So, how are we doing this? Is usually the next question. We host a Munch, monthly events, and a dungeon. The event details can be found here in the calendar and the hosted events posted on Fetlife, and on our private Facebook group page. 


We have also created a space where you can find out what is happening in the local public kink scene on Facebook! It can be found by searching and joining the Alberta Kink Corner!  And We do co-host the K-E-A-N’s Alberta Personals and Events on Fetlife! and additionally there is a section on the Alberta Kink Corner for mentorship on Facebook.





Edmonton, Alberta

Latest From Our Blog

K-E-A-N neither promotes nor condones unsafe and unlawful activities or behavior that is prejudicial toward any person or group.
Thank you October 29, 2022

Thank you October 29, 2022

A very gracious thank you from us to all of you who decided to spend your Saturday night with us at the K-E-A-N Dungeon! Thank you to all of the volunteers, guests, and energy! We know that there were so many options! With that said, we could have gone till 4 AM with...

It is almost Market day!

T he 2nd K-E-A-N Kinky Market is your destination for shopping and socializing. We support growing small businesses. We have a large parking lot and lots of parking on the street surrounding the hall. This location does not have an ATM however K-E-A-N has electronic...

Thank you Calgary!

Thank you Calgary!

Thank you to all who came out to the first K-E-A-N kink event in Calgary. We feel the love! We also can't wait for more events! Thank you for the amazing night! We believe all of you enjoyed joining the adventure! We also want to thank the Studio and the wonderfully...

Welcome back to kink events! We hope!

We have listed our events with luck for the year!  We hope to see you there!  Email us at kean.edmonton@gmail.com for more information! Check our event listings at https://k-e-a-n.com/events/

It’s our anniversary!

It's our Anniversary!  Thank you for your support! We have set up a sale to honor the day!  Please email us to take advantage of E-transfers and cash accepted on the sale!    Thanks! Brent and Cheryl

K-E-A-N Kinky Christmas Gathering

K-E-A-N Kinky Christmas Gathering

We are excited to present our last event for 2022 for K-E-A-N events! At this event, we will come together over a fully catered meal. A Christmas brunch and gift exchange!Got a food allergy or intolerance? Submit it in our form and we will have the caterer cook for...

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