A very gracious thank you from us to all of you who decided to spend your Saturday night with us at the K-E-A-N Dungeon! Thank you to all of the volunteers, guests, and energy! We know that there were so many options! With that said, we could have gone till 4 AM with all the play that was going on! We did go past 2 AM! Never a dull moment at the K-E-A-N dungeon! At one time we looked around and counted 10 full-on scenes happening! All outstanding and eye-catching! Thank you for that! We are so proud to be helping the local public kink scene grow and become so inviting to all.

We have two more events in Edmonton this year, our last dungeon of the year, and a set of classes on November 26! Then our first ever Kinky Christmas Gathering a fully catered meal on Dec 10.

In Calgary, our last dungeon of 2022 is just 12 days away! Yup! We can’t wait to see all of your kinky scenes again!

Tickets are on sale for all of these events- go get them!

Stay safe and kinky!

Love Cheryl and Brent

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