What is aftercare?
Aftercare is what tops and bottoms may require after a scene ? For each person what’s required for aftercare, is different. Some common items should be kept together and brought with you to events. However sometimes we forget! or We don’t know what we like or need.
We have a solution …
We have created an emergency aftercare kit, its a starter kit for what you might need.
Each kit comes with
1 bag
1 blanket
1 snack pack (chocolate and chips)
1 water bottle
1 package of wipes
1 package of cream
Complete kits can only be purchased. We have a few options for blankets, bags, and refillable water bottles.
These will be available for sale at KEAN events moving forward. We also can put them together and bring them if you wish to pre-purchase or need them outside of a KEAN event.
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