ThanK you Calgary for the support at the first k-E-A-N Calgary event

We feel the love!
Thank you to all who came out to the first K-E-A-N kink event in Calgary. We feel the love! We also can’t wait for more events! Thank you for the amazing night! We believe all of you enjoyed joining the adventure! We also want to thank the Studio and the wonderfully inviting staff from CAPC run by Ms.Stacey and PJ the venue was the perfect setting for our first event in Calgary. Be sure to listen to the radio station they also run GTFORadio. This is a sex-positive, adult-friendly internet radio station. Also a huge Thank you to Mistress T who came in from the Okanogan to be a vendor at this event. Her beautiful work can be found online and at most of our events. We are all lucky to have people like her who are committed to amazing products, she also has custom products. We were gifted a beautiful custom toy bag, the images and video have been posted on our private Facebook group.¬† ¬†Thank you again to all of the people who came out this week, to support us as we help build a local public scene. Lastly a huge thank you to the volunteers! Your volunteering has helped out so much!